Your Degree and Study Abroad

How does your major fit in with study abroad?

You are not limited to study abroad programs within your major or department. However, many students want to pursue programs which focus on their field of study in an international context. Perhaps you have always wanted to study art in Italy, public health in Rwanda, business in the UK, or biology in Australia. Below are some resources to help you explore some suggested programs within various majors. 

Talk to an Academic Advisor

Note: Participation in any study abroad program, even if listed on your degree page, does not automatically guarantee credit in your program. Be sure to speak with an academic advisor in your academic program to determine where participation in a study abroad program may apply to your degree.

IUPUI General Education Core

The programs below offer credits that fulfill one of IUPUI's general education courses. Available gen ed courses and their category are listed under the program name.

Summer Programs:

Semester Programs*:

*Please note that semester programs have the potential to fill a wide range of requirements, including general education courses, but course equivalencies must be approved by your academic advisor.

IUPUI Schools

Don't see your school or major represented? Be sure to talk to explore programs on iAbroad, talk to a study abroad advisor, or your academic advisor about programs that may fit your interests.



While there are many programs that are open strictly to students of a certain major, there are quite a few programs that accept students of ALL majors. Please see your academic advisor for more information about how you can get elective course credit for your study abroad experience.

Health Sciences

As the health sciences campus of Indiana University, IUPUI is proud to offer a variety of programs that may interest students in a variety of majors and schools. We encourage any student interested in pursuing health science coursework to our list of Programs in Health Sciences.