Student Profiles

We know studying abroad will change your lifebut hear it from the voices of IUPUI students just like you

At IUPUI, learning isn’t limited to the classroom or even one country. Classes, internships, and volunteering are only part of the whole experience of cultural immersion. Read about your fellow students’ experiences across the globe.

How did study abroad change them? 

  • Jacob Harris

    Jacob Harris

    Location: Greece
    Term: Summer '16
    Major/Minor: Media Arts & Science/ Advertising

  • Codie Briner

    Dana Oakes

    Location: La Venta, Panama
    Term: Summer '16
    Majors: Biology and Neuroscience

  • Beth Parks Headshot

    Beth Parks

    Location: Strasbourg, France
    Term: Summer '16
    Majors: Marketing and International Business

  • Codie Briner

    Codie Briner

    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Term: Summer '16
    Major/Minor: Nursing/Spanish

  • Nico Cruz

    Nico Cruz

    Location: Costa Rica
    Term: Spring Break '16
    Major/Minor: Energy Engineering/ Mathematics

  • Elizabeth Ziegler

    Elizabeth Ziegler

    Location: Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, India
    Term: Spring Break '16
    Majors: Accounting and Finance

  • Codie Briner

    Michelle Nguyen

    Location: Costa Rica
    Term: Spring Break '16
    Major: Electrical Engineering

  • Victoria Hart

    Victoria Hart

    Location: Bahamas
    Term: Spring Break '16
    Major/Minor: Global and International Studies/ German and History

  • Corie Danielle

    Danielle Cory

    Location: Oyama, Tochigi, Japan
    Term: Fall '15
    Major/Minor: Global and International Studies (East Asia focus)/Japanese Studies

  • Corie Danielle

    Caitlin Rice

    Location: Croatia
    Term: Summer '15
    Major/Minor: Social Work/ Criminal Justice and Sociology

  • Erin Connor

    Erin Connor

    Location: Aix en Provence, France
    Term: Summer '14
    Majors: Nursing and French

  • Paul Montoya

    Paul-Michael Montoya

    Location: Malaga and Salamanca, Spain
    Term: Summer '11 and '13
    Majors: Political Science and International Studies; MPA Sustainability Management

  • Kate Dobson Headshot

    Kate Dobson

    Location: Beijing, China
    Term: Spring '13
    Majors: MA in English and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

  • Mary Ankenbruck Headshot

    Mary Ankenbruck

    Location: San Carlos, Costa Rica
    Term: Summer '12
    Majors: International Studies and Political Science