Photo Contest

What's it like to study abroad? See for yourself through eyes (and cameras) of IUPUI students.

Each year, the Study Abroad Office holds an annual Photo Contest to showcase students experiences on our programs. Winners receive exciting prizes, including flight vouchers, giftcards, tickets to sports and culture events, and more. Photographs should reflect the study abroad experience, not simply traveling. Connections back to your academic program that establish meangingful relations with your photos are especially important. 

The 2016-17 Study Abroad Photo Contest is now open! Submit your entry here! The contest will close on August 15, 2017 at 11:59 EST.

We have two new categories: Jaguar Pride and Video Short! You can submit up to 2 photos in each category, for a total of 10 photos. Only one video can be submitted per student. Please note that uploads should be a minimum of 900x720 megapixels and in jpg, gif, or png files.

Category Descriptions

  • IUPUI Students Abroad

    Photos depicting you or fellow students in a favorite experience abroad. How are you or fellow students interacting with the local culture? Think outside of students standing in front of a monument!

  • Most Picturesque

    Photos depicting beautiful international settings. Show us the sights, natural wonders, thrilling architecture, and unique character of your destinations.
  • Powerful Moments

    Photos depicting something abroad which caused you to think more deeply about your international experience or provided you with insight into your host country, home country or the world. Everyone has that moment abroad when they stop and realize that the study abroad experience truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Were you able to capture that moment?

  • Cultural Adventure

    Photos which illustrate aspects or local activity of the host country culture. 
  • New: Jaguar Pride

    Photos of you and/or other students abroad with your IUPUI swag. Show us how you represent IUPUI abroad in clothes, flags, hats, stuffed animals etc. with your school/campus logo... be creative!
  • New: Video Short

    In a short video, mini-documentary, or media collage (less than 5 minutes), show us a distillation or highlight of your study abroad experience. Only one submission allowed. See potential examples on our video page. 
Enhancing Photos

You are welcome to make digital enhancements to your photos (ex. cropping, color balance, brightness/contrast, red eye elimination, grayscale, slight focus adjustments, etc.). To preserve the integrity of the photo contest, edits that change the photo itself (ex. Adding/removing/moving aspects of the photo, drastic color changes, filters, dramatic focus adjustments, etc.) are not acceptable. If you are unsure whether an adjustment is acceptable or not, please check with the Study Abroad Office (

Thank you to our generous prize sponsors for their donations to the photo contest