Resources for Ethical Learners

Community engagement in global learning brings together two powerful educational experiences - study abroad and community engagement

Community engagement in global learning experiences have become more popular in the past few years and more students are participating in community engagement while abroad. Because of this, IUPUI is committed to preparing you to have ethical meaningful experiences locally and abroad and to mutually benefit you and the host community. We strive to provide well-designed educational experiences that incorporate ethical principles support appropriate and vital "teachable moments" for students who want to help others in multicultural settings.

Ethical Community Engagement Pledge

In light of this partnership to do good without harming, we invite you to take this pledge and encourage you to discuss the ethical and cross-cultural opportunities and pitfalls of community-based experiences in global learning with your program leader(s) and peers. 

Take the pledge here.

Resources for Ethical Community Engagement in Global Learning Experience Participants:

When searching for a global community engagement program, not only is it important to think about which program will provide you with the most meaningful experience, but also which one will have a positive impact on your host community. Frequently, host communities are exposed to untrained workers that frequently do not speak the local language, lack requisite cultural knowledge necessary for offering culturally appropriate care and provide casual labor in the short term that fail to offer sustainable care that host communities need to see substantial gains in community health and well-being. It's important to find a program that has what's best for you as a participant and the host community, to prepare yourself by learning about the host community and its culture, and to behave ethically while in the experience.

Things We All Need to Know

Finding and preparing for community engagement in a global learning experience that has a positive impact on you and the community is crucial to having an ethical global community engagement experience. 

Issue-Specific Resources

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Find a student organization dedicated to volunteering and service on campus, get involved with the Working Group or the IUPUI Center for Service & Learning, or join the conversation nationally.