Ethics in Action

Ethical Community Engagement within the IUPUI Community

The Working Group's efforts have already been put into action on the IUPUI campus and in the planning and implementation of community engagement in global experiences. The work below is informed by the working group's case statement.



 Work to Date

  • Case Examples

    The working group has developed the following case examples to support reflection on community engagement in global learning experiences and reflection on supporting ethical community engagement in your role. 

    • Safe Space
    • Vetting Campus Exhibitors
    • When Partners Have Real Autonomy-Managing a Program Cancellation
    • Why the Hell are We Going? Ethical Concerns during Orientation
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Creating a Program with an NGO
    • Pushing Into Class
  • Program Models

    This will show examples of how program leaders, students, partner organizations etc. have integrated the principles and work of the Working Group on Ethical Community Engagement in Global Learning into their study abroad programs. 
  • Presentations

    These presentations were led by members of the working group with the goal to support reflection on engagement and support for engagement in global learning experiences.

  • Policies and Procedures

    • OSAC
    • Tabling Talking Points
    • Outside exhibitors at International Festival
    • Global Learning Participant Ethical Community Engagement Pledge (a downloadble copy of the pledge can be found here)