SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Australia: Global Experiences in Nuclear Medicine

Visit hospitals and clinics in Australia and experience both how nuclear medicine is performed as well as gain an understanding on how health care in the host country works compared to the United States. Guest lecturers from Australia will present on various topics, including nuclear medicine procedures, patient care and healthcare policies.

China: School of Medicine - One Month Medical Rotation

Students will compare and contrast the health care systems in the United States and China and will reflect on the differences and similarities in the context of the economic, social and cultural systems. Students will learn about differences in health care systems in urban vs. rural China. Students will be able to analyze community health problems in the context of political, sociolegal, cultural, and economic factors.

Colombia: Public Health Global Health Sustainability

Learn about environmental and socioeconomic determinants of public health via a firsthand contact with real world scenarios while at the same time providing an opportunity for cultural and language immersion. A strong emphasis will be placed on the examining the Colombian health systems, vast health inequalities as well as the in-country socioeconomic differences and how these areas all lead to a vast differences in health outcomes.

Denmark: Exploring Art, Design, and Everyday Life

We immerse ourselves in the city life of Copenhagen and explore neighborhoods and parks; we learn about how Quality of Life is central to the design culture of Denmark by talking to designers and visiting design studios; we try out living like a Dane by going to places by bicycle. The most impactful aspect of the trip is simply experiencing the holistic and people-centered values that embody Danish design.

Domincan Republic: Drug use and treatment in the Dominican Republic

This course will provide a general introduction to issues surrounding substance use and mental health in the Dominican Republic. It is designed to inform and challenge participants to observe and solve problems related to substance abuse, emphasizing low- and middle-income countries. Students will investigate barriers to solving problems of alcohol and drug abuse and mental health treatment, as well as the economic and social causal factors. They will also research addiction issues while examining the roles of local and national governments, international agencies, and third-party intervention.

Dominican Republic: School of Medicine - Medical Community Service

The purpose of this experience is to expose and educate the participants to the 7 Elements of Human Securities in the Dominican Republic and their respective barriers while providing sustainable relief to the local communities. Students will participate in lectures and daily community service activities communities. Specific service projects will vary year to year, but will maintain similar themes. The focus during recent programs have been community diagnostics, water availability, and health promotion.

El Salvador: School of Medicine - Global Health Elective

Participants will undergo an introduction to global health issues and policies; begin to think critically about ethics in global health volunteerism; examine global health challenges and compare and contrast the systematic, policy and experiential differences between health care in the US and El Salvador.

El Salvador: School of Medicine - Summer Language and Cultural Immersion

The ENLACE Language & Cultural Immersion: El Salvador program offers IUSM Phase 1 medical students an intensive summer immersion experience improving Spanish skills and increasing cultural humility and understanding. Participants gain significant exposure to primary care and community health in a developing country. Optional weekend activities provide for an even broader experience of El Salvador.

El Salvador: School of Medicine -  Alternative Spring Break

The ENLACE Alternative Spring Break program seeks to heighten awareness of global public health issues, wrestle with the ethics of global volunteerism, hone a more complex understanding of global health infrastructure development and increase cultural humility, thereby encouraging a lifelong commitment to wide-ranging social advocacy and engagement. Open to any IUSM or Graduate-level Health Professions students at any IU campus.

Ghana: IU School of Medicine - South Bend- Global Health Elective

Students think critically about global health challenges and practices while learning Twi language skills and working side by side with host country health care providers. Clinical work occurs at community, mission-based health care facilities and governmental based public health organizations.

Kenya: Dentistry International Service Learning

Students, under the supervision of IUSD faculty, will work with Moi University faculty and dental students in community-based educational programs and epidemiological studies.

Kenya: School of Medicine - Two Month Medical Rotation

Based out of Moi University School of Medicine, this rotation occurs in the classrooms, clinics, and wards of a tertiary referral hospital (Moi Teaching and Referral).  Key experiences of the rotation include participating in ward rounds in medicine and pediatrics, being exposed to the work of AMPATH, as well as living in the medical student dorms. AMPATH is an ongoing program providing medical care to Kenyans in the hospital catchment area; students may observe both the AMPATH-associated medical clinics as well as ancillary development programs (Family Preservation Initiative, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, etc.). 

Morocco: Public Health Internship

This summer internship opportunity provides a wonderful learning experience for MPH students with an interest in global health. The internship focuses on maternal and child health, especially within a social and behavioral sciences context, as this is a key public health focus of national health authorities in Morocco.

Rwanda: Summer Fellows at the Rwanda Ministry of Health

Students who participate in the internship will work closely with the Honorable Minister of Health of Rwanda, and develop working relationships with other Ministry staff. Duties and activities may include researching a variety of public health topics, supporting the drafting and translation of written documents, supporting the Honorable Minister during travels to other parts of Rwanda, managing blogs and social media, all of which serve to immerse students in Rwandan culture.

Rwanda: Summer Internship at University for Global Health Equity

A unique opportunity for graduate students to participate in a summer internship program at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Kigali, Rwanda. Students who participate in the internship will have the privilege to work closely with Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor at UGHE and former Minister of Health of Rwanda. Duties and activities may include researching a variety of public health topics, and supporting the drafting and translation of written documents, all of which serve to immerse students in Rwandan culture.

South Korea: Health/Behavioral Health Care and Interprofessional Collaboration

The mission of this program is to enhance students' knowledge and understanding of diverse health and behavioral health care programs and interprofessional collaborative practices implemented in an international context. Additionally, the program will enable students to conduct a cross-cultural comparison of health care programs between the US and South Korea.

Spain: Contemporary Global Health Issues

This mission of this program is to increase nursing students' awareness of healthcare in another country in order to widen their global perspective of how nursing and healthcare can be organized in another culture.

UK: Dentistry at Newcastle University

The Elective in Oral Healthcare Promotion and Management will provide students the oppportunity to strengthen their understanding of oral health education in a global context. Students will gain awareness of delivery, access to care and possible barriers facing potential dental patients in the respective health care systems.

 UK: Global Experiences in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

This program provides an in-depth introduction to a global model for imaging sciences while providing students with an opportunity to compare and contrast health care systems in England and the United States. Participants will spend substantial time out in the field visiting London area health facilities, historical sites, and universities.

Worldwide: Dentistry International Service Learning

A service learning program which treats the dental needs of underserved in the host community. Current and past locations have included: Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico.

Worldwide: School of Medicine - Healthcare in Developing Countries

This elective is to provide students with an increased understanding of the issues involved in health care in the developing world.

Worldwide: Global Experiences in Nuclear Medicine

In this course, students will journey to the UK or Portugal to explore the ways in which nuclear medicine and molecular imaging are performed. Radiopharmaceuticals, procedures and technology not used or performed in the US will be the focus of this course. Students will have the opportunity to visit hospitals and clinics, and both experience how nuclear medicine is performed as well as gain an understanding on how health care in the host country works compared to the US.

Worldwide: Health Systems Around the World, Public Health

Students actively learn and incorperate conversations about health and well being on this program. The program explores the organization, social and cultural aspects and future directions of the host country's healthcare system. Exposure to this SDG is woven into coursework and day to day activites while abroad. Past locations have included: Sweden,UK, China, Switzerland, Israel, Nicaragua.

Worldwide: International Human Rights Law Internships, School of Law

McKinney School of Law students do internships in the field of international human rights law. The substantive areas of their work have touched on many of the SDGs, and can potentially touch on all of them. Since 1997, our program has had international human rights law internship placements in over 75 countries on six continents.

Worldwide: Master of Social Work Field Practicum

MSW level field practicum in social work placements around the world. Placements last 4-5 months.