SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Barbados: Caribbean Literature, Language, and Culture

This course for undergraduate IUPUI students interested in studying gender, culture, and the African diaspora specific to the Anglophone Caribbean. It provides an inrtedisciplinary perspective on Caribbean literature, gender and sexuality, culture, and history, with a focus on Barbados.

Colombia: Public Health Global Health Sustainability

Learn about environmental and socioeconomic determinants of public health via a firsthand contact with real world scenarios while at the same time providing an opportunity for cultural and language immersion. A strong emphasis will be placed on the examining the Colombian health systems, vast health inequalities as well as the in-country socioeconomic differences and how these areas all lead to a vast differences in health outcomes.

Ghana: Africana Studies

This program explores the historical and contemporary cultures of Ghana, including historical topics covering slavery, colonization, liberation, integration, globalization, the promotion of unity and solidarity, women in development, and regional economic communities.

Worldwide: International Human Rights Law Internships, School of Law

McKinney School of Law students do internships in the field of international human rights law. The substantive areas of their work have touched on many of the SDGs, and can potentially touch on all of them. Since 1997, our program has had international human rights law internship placements in over 75 countries on six continents.