Assigned IUPUI Schools/Units: Engineering & Technology, Informatics & Computing, Honors College, and Housing & Residence Life

Major: Psychology

Minor: Culture Diversity

Study abroad country and program: CIEE South Korea Study Abroad

Favorite part of study abroad experience: Engaging with the culture through activities and language immersion. It was such a unique way to really interact with Korea. I was able to do so many fun things such as go to Seoul Tower, the DMZ, rent Hanbok, and even order street food (which was almost an everyday occurrence!). Those interactions really helped me get to expand my Korean language abilities as well as my cultural awareness. I was really lucky to have such an amazing program structured by the CIEE staff that allowed me to immerse myself more into the Korea culture through mini excursions for example to the Han River for a picnic and volunteering opportunities for mentoring Korean children and recording book readings at one of Korea's blind libraries.