Programs with Italian Language of Instruction

Programs listed below are offered with Italian as the primary language of instruction, many of which fit well with students studying Italian. Many of these programs may also attract students with an interest in exploring various aspects of Italian language, culture, and society. Many focus on Italian language and culture. However, some emphasize language acquisition with other focuses (e.g. internships, humanities). See also programs in French, German and Spanish

    Looking for something different?

    This list above is not exhaustive for programs that could fulfill major credits for your degree. You can consider programs outside your major area of study to fulfill general education and/or elective credits or a semester program with English as the primary language of instruction. 

    Purdue-West Lafayette also offers a summer program that offers Italian courses, but you must work with our office to apply to a non-IU program.

    You can also consider a non-IU program through various study abroad program providers or other universities. Read about Non-IU Programs for more information on how to start the application process. If you find a non-IU program that fits your interests, contact our office at least 6 weeks before your departure to ensure credit transfer and to learn more about applying financial aid or scholarships.